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New Kitty at Home!

You have found a little kitty on the street or decided to raise one, you probably have a
lot of questions:

What to do now?
What to give him to eat?
What he needs?

If you have found a kitty on the street, and you think he has been abandoned, it is better to wait at list an hour to his mother before you take him, she could be on her way bake to him after searching for food.
But if you see that a few hours have passed and he steel yells, and there is no
sign of his mother, he probably has been abandoned, and then you should take him and take care of him.

Taking care of a abandoned kitten:

There are several thinks you need to provide a young kitty.
First you provide a wormed and safe environment, as he would have in a normal situation from his mother.
You take a carton box, you put in it several plastic bottles field with hot water, and you pad
it with a clean blanket or a towel, of course you need to replace the water every time they get could.

The hot bottle mast not be in direct contact with the kitty.
The young kitten should be fed every 2 -3 hours.


What to give kitty?

Well young kitten need to eat richer milk then cow milk.
You can buy in a pet store, a milk substitute that are specially designed for kittens, or
you can take a baby milk substitute and you make double the concentrate amount that registered on the box, or you can make a home substitute according to next recipe, you take a glass of milk 3%, an age, cape of cream and a small cape of sugar.

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How to feed the kitty?

With a bottle, there are special designed bottles that are fitted to their size, or you can
take a baby bottle.
It is important to let the kitten eat by himself with no struggle, in order to prevent food inhalation to the lung situations.
When the kitty is 1 month old, then you can start to give him meat (wet kitten meat or dray kitten food that been wetted with water for softening) simultaneously to the milk you give him.

In a normal situation, the mother lick the kitty to encourage him to do his needs, so you like a"Substitute mother" should to take cotton wool, you wet with a little warm water, and rub gently his belly and anus after every time your kitty finished his meal..

If you see that your kitty do not doing his needs regularly, then you should consult a vet.

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Eye infection:

Kitten eye get open after 7 – 10 days, and a lot of young kittens suffers from eye infection.
If your kitty suffers from eye infection, you should take cotton wool, you wet with lukewarm tea essence, and clean his eyes.

You should always remember that despite your loving and gentle care, young kittens do not always survive, in a normal situation only 3 forms 6 born kittens survives their first weeks.

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